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Bite Alarm! Carp Fishing

1.99 usd

AT LAST! THIS AWESOME CARP FISHING PRANK APP ARRIVES FOR ANDROID!Fool any carp fisherman into thinking his bite alarm is going off with this cheeky, lake-side prank app. Its the the ultimate wind-up app for carp, catfish and pike fishermen.
Featuring some of the most popular bite alarms on the bank - Fox, Delkims, Steve Nevilles, ATTs, Nash Sirens and more. Sneak up, set it off and watch your mate scramble out of his bivvy to ready to hit into an absolute screaming run only to find his rods still and silent!
A very amusing way to while away the hours during those long fishing sessions.
• Real bite alarm sounds and images • Realistic latching LEDs that light up! • Countdown timer - up to 5 minute delay before alarm is triggered • Screen off button for sneaky night time wind ups!
Bite alarms included in this app:
• Delkim TXi• Fox NTXr• Fox EOSx• Ace i3• Gardner TLB• Chub Neuron T5• Steve Neville• ATTs with ATTx remote• Nash Siren• Fox Micron M+• Fox Micron MX (Camo version)• Fox MMX• Fox Warrior• TF Gear Glimmer
PLEASE NOTE: This app will not remotely trigger actual bite alarms, it simply emulates the sound of bite alarms on your Android phone to fool your friend into thinking that their alarm is going off.
Want to see more alarms in the app? Just let us know what youd like us to add!